About the project

Coordinator: Estonian Mental Health and Suicidology Institute (ERSI)

The general objective of the project is to bring to the community an in-depth knowledge of the importance of mental health and well-being; to bring mental health problems in the grassroots level into focus of policy deciders and policy makers; to develop mental health coalition VATEK as professional and sustainable mental health spokesperson.

The main target groups of the project are consumers of mental health services, mental health professionals, universities and collages specialists teaching mental health, members of the mental health coalition VATEK, policy makers at the state level.

The implementation plan of the project includes: cooperation between project partners, giving training courses for improving capacity of policy development and advocacy, conducting public information sessions organized in 15 counties of Estonia, organizing two mental health fairs in 2014 and in 2015, developing of mental health coalition website, developing policy document of mental health.

Duration of the project: 17.03.2014 – 17.03.2016